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the skinny

  • ren farren. 24. los angeles. malibu -> echo park (i know, i know, it's almost too on the nose).
  • pop singer with a folk background. parents raised me on jackson browne and joni mitchell. i raised myself on britney spears and the backstreet boys. 
  • collaborations w goldroom on single "waiting to ignite" and wolfy on "solid gold"
  • songs featured in tv shows new girl, the young & the restless, and friends from college
  • songs produced by best friend/illuminati member brian robert jones
  • songs written
  • i like good lyrics, i like drama, i like honesty, i like hooks
  • i like you, too
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Farren works in a slickly produced brand of confessional guitar-pop that feels comfortably current, yet jogs your memory like the bubblegum Top 40 you sang along to in your mirror in your early teens. It doesn’t really matter when your early teens actually happened, since Farren evokes P!nk and Red-era Taylor Swift alongside the 1975 and “The Middle,” and recently found life-altering influence in Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run autobiography and Beyoncé’s Lemonade album-film. Farren’s brand new Good Girl EP finds her getting over a breakup and making peace with her high school years, in a way that’s poignantly universal.
— chris payne, billboard
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With a more than infectious hook, and lyrics that beg you to sing-along, Farren’s new song would even turn the head of Max Martin. Farren creates music that will make you feel emotion, whether current feels or a twinkle of nostalgia...“The Comedown” booms with a stadium sound inviting listeners to join in. Think Katy Perry meets early Taylor Swift (when Taylor was transitioning from country to pop).
— song premiere, grimy goods
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Farren’s debut song is plenty pop enough to have it stuck in your head for the next 4 days and keep your windows rolled down as you belt it out in traffic. But keep an eye on who can hear you singing along because “Crier” is more heart on sleeve honest then most mortals are willing to utter out loud.
— song premiere, the burning ear
photo by micaela brookman in los angeles, ca

photo by micaela brookman in los angeles, ca